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Because, let's face it....... we are!  We are not the average run-of-the-mill, cookshop who just sells a load of expensive products. We care deeply about what we sell and we also care about our customers.  That's why we have this website.  We want to share the knowledge we've built up over the years and we take pride in the quality, provenance and cost of the items we sell. And we have a LOT of items - just call in to see!


A wide range of Le Creuset ceramic and cast iron products



We are happy to, and in fact encourage you to, test out your chosen TEAPOTMake sure it pours well – we have plenty of boiling water on tap!


Wherever possible, we will always try to buy British.  For example, our extensive range of Alan Silverwood BAKEWARE


We sell AGA cast iron products, made in their Coalbrookdale foundry.




We hve a range of locally made items such as gifts from JAMALL ANNAY, potters in Knaresborough, who make lovely pieces including teabag tidies and ceramic cupcakes.

 fmcaroslbo21-1We have a range of tableware products from Yorkshire based FAIRMONT AND MAIN  

We offer our Cooking Fantastic PARTIES which are ideal as fundraising events or a reason to get together with friends. These are a great way to demonstrate our products to a wider audience.



We love to swap RECIPES and give advice on how to get the best from your products, so you will be even happier with them.



When available, we sell our own homegrown HONEY made from the bees on our farm in Killinghall and have a whole host of recipes and information on all things bee-eautiful!


Because we enjoy foraging in the countryside we love to make our own preserves such as SLOE GIN and ELDERFLOWER CORDIALand aim to pass on advice and recipes from our own experiments! We also sell the bottles, jars, labels etc required for bottling your goodies. 


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We have a wide range of products for PRESERVES including jars, jam pots and jelly pans for all manner of home-made delicacies.·

We always aim to support other local shops and businesses by SHOPPING LOCAL whenever possible and if we don’t supply an item we can usually recommend a local alternative supplier.  Check out our favourite Butchers.

And, finally, we offer WISH LISTS. These are like wedding lists, but for everyone!Whether for a birthday, Christmas, housewarming, anniversary or any other special occasion we can keep a wish list of your favourite items and whenever friends or family (eg Mother in Law) come in, we can help them to choose exactly what YOU want!

 And now we have added a Coffeshop to our new premises at The Cud Life



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Mini Tart Tins


Garlic Puree Set

CM032 grater set yellow olive
(I saw these 'on offer' at Great Yorkshire Show for £10! Ha!)

Words of Wisdom

Question: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

pumpAnswer: Pumpkin pi.

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday

1.30 - 5.30pm

(drinks and cakes served 2 - 5)
Also, if you need an item in a rush we will do our best accommodate you out of the usual hours. Just give us a call or send an email.
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The Cud Life at Spruisty Hall Farm
Killinghall, HG3 2AU
01423 565855
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Polish Pottery





Village storage jars



Better than a bouquet of flowers as a House Warming or Wedding Present, how about a bouquet of kitchen implements? We can make a bouquet to your price range and gift wrap it beautifully.

Retro Style

 Tobs breadbin £24.99
Tobs biscuit tin  £8.99
(doggy biscuits recipe- here!)

Mini Tart Tins


Tasty Recipes

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The Coffee Shop




Bit of a Pud?


Or a Pie?


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