We stock and will gladly sell knife blocks, but we feel you get the best value for money if, instead, you buy a select number of knives that you are more likely to use. Knife blocks usually come with at least 6 knives, when in reality most people only use 2 or 3 and it seems far better sense to buy the best you can of the knives that you will use.

We stock three full ranges:

Kuhn Rikon - Bright colours at a budget price without compromising quality

Veritable Sabatier - The originals with lifetime guarantees and still made in France

IF400 - Stylish knives with a lifetime guarantee



Kuhn Rikon Knives

This range of super sharp knives from Kuhn Rikon are designed by acclaimed Swiss designer Philipp Beyeler. They have a super-sharp non-stick carbon steel blade that won't stick to food. They are comfortable to hold and include a storage sheath making them ideal for the kitchen drawer, picnicking or camping.



Veritable Sabatier

At the very top of the Sabatier offer, the fully forged Veritable Sabatier range encompasses 10 single knives and a choice of two sharpening steels. Manufactured in Thiers, France these well balanced knives are made from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel that is precision ground and hand honed for a superior cutting edge. Three solid brass rivets secure the high density handle to the blade for outstanding cutting performance every time.




This is a range of Sheffield made forged knives - winners of a 2006 Design Plus award (Ambiente Frankfurt - Germany) and a gold iF (international Forum) Design award (Hannover - Germany).

The knives were designed by Sam Hecht, made by Sheffield's finest craftsmen. They have black handles that are 'cool' to the touch and resilient (a ceramic based material). The blades are made from a high carbon stainless steel that is a combination of carbon, chromium, molybdenum and vanadium - all heat treated to produce significant strength and flexibility. These knives show British design and manufacture at its best. They have a lifetime no quibble guarantee to prove this.

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