Off yer trolley!  The Rolser one that is!

rollser trolleys

Described as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of shopping trolleys, Rolser boasts top-drawer style (with over 70 different colour and fabric combinations) combined with award-winning design that will survive countless miles of the high street and will be sure to be your shopping companion for many years to come.

This is the very cutting edge of Rolser's design. New to the British market, the Mountain Jet features an aluminium handle on its high quality Rolser trolley.

These are easy to use, original, modern and stylish designer shopping trolleys! Not to mention the light-weight strength and durability that comes with all Rolser products.

Exclusive Spanish design, colours and fabrics.


A stylish trolley which is very reasonably priced

- This trolley is 93cm in height which makes it more suitable for anyone under 5ft 11.

A must-have practical shopping companion and fashion item 
- All Rolser trolleys are unbelievably light, waterproof and fold flat



This trolley folds down for tidy storage when not in use.


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