Give the perfect gift - something to make cooking better, more fun, more professional, easier, stylish or just practical.

We are almost sure to have an item that fits the bill. We also sell a selection of birthday candles, kids novelties and fun gifts

Olive Wood items:        


Pestle & Mortar  £14.99   Rolling Pin   Parmesan Grater  £18.99

CheeseboardA classic and a great gift for the "Him" in your life.

Slate Cheeseboard & Utensils

Humming  A small selection of Cookery Books 






 And we are happy to do a bit of gift wrapping too....


What about a bouquet of cooking tools instead of flowers?  Makes a great New Home or Wedding gift or what about a present for when your kids leave for University or their first home?


fondue    Chocolate Fondue Set £9.99

Find more LOVE gifts here!


clock montage



Fridge Clocks







Character mugs








For the Kids

Emma Bridgewater   Melamine Mug, Plate, Knife, Fork and Spoon



Tractor for the boys








Dancing Mice for the girls







fridge monkey

Fridge Monkey - For storing bottled drinks in the fridge.

Fun bottle stops!

018a - Green Wellies


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