Hints & Tips

Here's an opportunity to pick up a few tips or add a few of your own.
Perhaps they've been passed down through the family or maybe you discovered them yourself.
Feel free to send on your own to us through the contact page with the subject heading Hints and Tips.

· Try adding parmesan to pastry, when making something like an onion tart, to give it further flavour.

· Brush pastry scraps with melted butter: sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, and bake like cookies.

· Use a 4:1 ration of ratio of lard:butter to get the perfect crust on your pie.

Crumble a couple of Weetabix into wholemeal pastry to replace some of the flour and give your pastry a crisper texture

 Pie vents and funnels, available from Cooking Fantastic, will help stop soggy pastry.

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