Some Good Websites

Simply Suppers  Based in Boroughbridge - delicious home-cooked meals, slow-cooked in an Aga and frozen for you to heat at home.

WRAP - A world without waste, where resources are used sustainably

The Dusty Miller    bespoke caterers, catering consultancy and cookery lessons

Fiona Marchant Cakes   bespoke handmade cakes that look and taste beautiful


Some Interesting Blogs

Mrs Potions' Potables       A journey into home-made liqueurs"

THE CAKED CRUSADER     "The purpose of my blog is simple - to spread the word that cake is GOOD"

Please, let us know of any sites that you too, would recommend.

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The Cud Life

Cooking Fantastic

We are pleased to have everything under one umbrella at THE CUD LIFE at Spruisty Hall Farm.
Cottages, Camping and Cookware!