2 lb plain flour (brown or white)

1 ½ dsp honey

1 ½ oz yeast

1 pint warm water

1 tsp salt

1 oz butter or margarine

· Set flour to warm thoroughly in bowl.

· To prepare yeast:
  Take a warm bowl, cream together honey and yeast.
Add a little of the warm water, cover and set aside in warm place.
This should become light and foamy in 10-15 mins.

· Combine salt and fat with the flour.

· Make a well in the centre and add the rest of the water to the yeast mixture,
working this well into the flour.

· Place dough in warm bowl, cover with a warm tea towel and put in a warm place.
The dough will rise to twice its size.

· Knead it thoroughly until all stickiness disappears.
It is essential to carry out this operation quickly and lightly.

· Then divide the dough and place in two loaf tins - return to a warm place to double in size.

· Put in oven at 475° for 10 mins, reducing to 425° for 10 mins, then 400° until cooked.