Our cooking Fantastic Parties are a great way to find out more about our products with the added bonus of a ‘live’ demonstration. In the time-honoured fashion of the old “Tupperware” party, but with a taste of some real foods prepared by us in front of your eyes and in your own home. Invite a few friends round and we will turn up and do all the rest. A proven way to test out interesting items, discover some new ones and have a fun evening to boot!

The events can be tailored to specific needs such as working with an Aga or specific menus such as pizzas.

There is also an opportunity for you to have a go with products if you wish, so you don't have to take our word for how good they are. We also love to share recipes, tips and ideas.


The events are always fun, friendly, relaxed and informative with no pressure selling and they are not commission-based. We have plenty of ideas for unique and different gifts for your family and friends alike.


If you wish to arrange an evening as a charity fundraiser, we find its more effective for the hosts to charge a ticket price and then donate that money to their cause.


We stock oodles of speciality cake tins which we offer for hire at £3.50 for 3 days.  We can provide a recipe with each tin and our advice and tips are of course free as always!

As well as cake tins we also hire cupcake stands at £5 each for 3 days.

The way we work it is like this....

We charge the full sale cost for the tins and cupcake stands, which is refundable on return, but if you decide to keep your tin, you can!

We can also hire out Fish Poachers and Maslin Pans on the same basis.





















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