Alan Silverwood Limited is a family firm, based in Birmingham. Established over 40 years ago to supply education authorities, for the last ten years they have specialised in manufacturing a distinctive range of domestic bakeware. At a time when shops are awash with products imported from around the globe, Silverwood bakeware stands out as a high-quality, long-lasting alternative to the "pile-it-high, sell-it-cheap" competition. Every product has been designed and manufactured in their Birmingham factory, with many unique designs.

silverwood tins

Silverwood's philosophy is one we have found to be true – ‘All our bakeware is based on our uncompromising ideal that products bearing our family name should be a source of satisfaction to our customers and pride to ourselves.’


This is a fab terrine tin which doubles nicely as a loaf tin.

And this tin is incredibly versatile -one large cake, lots of small or 4 medium - plus a great baking sheet too!






Available in various sizes and shapes, the pans have the common feature of "slide-out" bases. This means that baked cakes, brownies, etc. can be removed from the pan by simply sliding it open from the side.  Although we recommend that the pans are lined for use with particularly runny mixes, in most cases this is not required.


BBC Good Food Magazine has praised the pans as "brilliant - but so simple" The "Eyecatcher" pan derives its name from the eye-shaped catch in the base of the pan, which simply but effectively holds the base in place until you want to move it.





quiches.jpg.w180h100Silverwood manufactures a unique range of flan dishes with a wide variety of different sizes and styles (currently 21) to suit all recipes and occasions.


The highly conductive core ensures even, crisp baking every time.  With a Silverwood flan, there's no need to "blind bake" your pastry first.  Simply ensure that your oven is hot, and put your filled flan into the oven without delay.


All Silverwood flans are loose-based for easy lift-out.     


Check out our full range of available Silverwood products and if you see something you want that we don't stock already, we'll order it for you!
 Victoria Sponge Tin Inserts


Surprise your guests with the Victoria Surprise tin inserts that allow you to cook your victoria sponge with a cavity for a SURPRISE of your choice - we love strawberries and cream inside ours! Excellent quality, as expected of course, from Silverwood's.


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