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  Allspice: Mixed Spices:
General Information: Allspice is the dried, unripe berry from a tropical evergreen tree, Pimenta dioica, which is native to the Caribbean and parts of the central Americas. Unlike Allspice, which is a single spice, Mixed Spice is a blend of several spices, including Cinnamon, Coriander Seed, Caraway, Nutmeg, Ginger and Cloves.
Flavour profile: Allspice has a strong flavour and aroma, similar to a mixture of Nutmeg, Cloves and Cinnamon.

Mixed Spice has a warm, spicy and sweet flavour and aroma.

Uses: Allspice is more commonly used in savoury dishes and is a popular ingredient in Jerk mixes, curry powders, meat seasonings, mulled wine spices and tagine blends. Use sparingly. Mixed Spice is traditionally used in baking and adds a delicious flavour to cakes, biscuits and puddings. Use generously.
  • Milk should be kept in the fridge. It can be frozen, but it will expand on freezing, so make sure the packaging hasn’t ruptured before defrosting it in the fridge for 24 hours.

  • If milk starts to go sour, salvage it for use in cake mixtures and scones.

  • Sour milk also makes a good substitute for buttermilk in recipes which require it and makes your scones taste fab!

  • Add richness and moisture to bread dough and other baked goods by replacing the water with fresh milk.

  • Make a richer and more nutritious hot chocolate from a powdered mix by replacing the water with milk.

  • Add milk to homemade soups for extra flavour and nutrition. Reduce the amount of water or broth called for by up to half and replace it with milk, adding it at the end of cooking (make sure you don’t let the soup boil).

Raw Milk has become increasingly popular again.' Raw’ milk denotes milk that hasn’t undergone pasteurisation, and therefore shouldn’t be consumed by pregnant women, young children and those with compromised immune systems.

If you're interested in sourcing raw milk, the following table outline sources within the north of England. 

There are many different varieties of milk available for consumption within the UK.

The different kinds of milk tend to vary according to the way they are produced and in their fat content.

Whole milk

Natural whole milk is milk with nothing added or removed.

Whole standardised milk is whole milk standardised to a minimum fat content of 3.5%.

Some EU member states may produce an additional category of whole milk with a minimum fat content of 4%.

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