Here's Another Thing

Conversion Charts
How much is a cup in US recipes?
What on earth is Moderate oven in terms of Gas Mark?
How many inches is that in centimetres?
Well, here's a handy set of tables to help you out!
aubergine eggplant   hand of pork pork shoulder roast
baking tray baking sheet   hard-boiled eggs hard-cooked eggs
bangers sausages   heaped spoonful heaping spoonful
beetroot beet   hull shuck
bicarbonate of soda baking soda   icing sugar confectioners/powdered sugar
biscuits cookies   joint large cut of meat to roast
broad beans fava beans   ketchup/tomato sauce catsup
cake tin cake/ baking pan   king prawns jumbo shrimp
capsicums sweet or bell peppers   minced meats ground meats
castor sugar sugar, superfine   offal variety meats (liver, kidney etc)
celery stick celery rib   paw paw papaya
chips French-fried potatoes   pig's trotter pig's foot
chuck steak round steak/stewing beef   plain flour all-purpose flour
coriander cilantro   pork fat fatback
cornflour cornstarch   prawns shrimp
courgette zucchini   rasher slice
crisps potato chips   semolina farina
Desiccated coconut
unsweetened desiccated/ shredded coconut
  sieve strain; strainer
digestive biscuits graham crackers   sift strain
double cream cream, heavy   silverside beef cut from the rump
dripping fat from roasted meat   single cream cream, light, half-and-half
essence extract (vanilla, etc.)   skirt steak flank steak
fish slice spatula   spring or salad onions scallions, green onions
forcemeat stuffing mix for meat or fish   stock cubes bouillon cube
glacé fruits candied fruit   strong flour bread flour
frying pan skillet   sultanas raisins/ seedless, golden
gammon ham   tomato Ketchup tomato catsup
golden syrup light molasses   treacle dark molasses
Greaseproof/Parchment paper wax paper   vanilla pod vanilla bean


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