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A fantastic alternative to Turkey for vegetarians at Christmas and is amazingly popular with staunch meat-eaters too. Great made in the mini pudding bowls too - just steam for 45 mins instead.

4 oz Marge

4oz Soya Flour (or plain flour)

4 oz Ground Almonds

4 Tbsp Soy Sauce

3 tbsps chopped fresh herbs

4 oz Chestnut Purée

3/4lb Chopped Walnuts

Mix all ingredients together

Grease a 2lb pudding bowl and mix to bowl.  Make a fold in a sheet of baking parchment and lay over top of bowl. Fix a string around rim of bowl holding the parchment securely and leaving enough tail to make a handle. 

Steam for 2 hours - this is best done in a slow-cooker!

Serve with the Red Wine and Sage Sauce

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